Dr. Dann uses modern day techniques and equipment to keep any pain and discomfort minimal during tooth extraction. Patients throughout the San Fernando Valley can make an appointment for extraction with Dr. Dann at his office in Tarzana, California.

Tooth Extraction   Q & A

Tooth extractions can become necessary because of a number of reasons. Crowding in the mouth is one of the common reasons for tooth extractions. Overcrowding is most commonly caused by the eruption of the wisdom teeth. infections, damage or disease, are other reasons to extract a tooth. If an infection or decay becomes too aggressive to treat, the faulty tooth may need to be removed before it spreads the disease to other healthy teeth.
Why the tooth needs to be extracted, where it is located, and the overall health of the tooth will all affect the treatment and extraction process. A simple extraction, where the tooth is easily accessible, involves numbing the gum area first. The tooth will then be extracted by employing specially designed devices to grip the tooth. When a tooth is impacted, stuck beneath other teeth, or broken, an incision into the gums may be required. Many patients request to be sedated for this form of extraction. In this situation, the tooth is typically removed in pieces rather than in one section.
The initial recovery period takes about 1 to 2 weeks. The patient is usually sent home the same day of treatment with instructions on aftercare. Some tips will include avoiding eating foods that are hard or difficult to chew. Sometimes it is recommended to rinse the mouth with salt water every few hours to keep the socket hydrated. Patients should continue to brush and floss their teeth, as usual, being careful around the area that healing. Having a gap and not filling the space with an implant or prosthetic can cause the remaining teeth to shift. This can affect the individual's bite and can make chewing troublesome. The dentist will suggest replacing the missing tooth a dental implant and crown after the gum and bone have time to heal.